Event designed by Conese and MOMAD in which dialogues take place between actors of the Fashion ecosystem that have already advanced in #ModaConSentido (Meaningful Fashion) initiatives.

Meaningful use of resources

70 million tons of clothing are consumed every year, and fashion can be as attractive as it is polluting.

As consumers, we have a great responsibility to join the initiatives of manufacturing companies if we want to take care of our planet. We are increasingly aware of the importance of recycling and reusing, and at the same time we are moving towards a more responsible consumption that makes us want to know more about what we are going to buy: what materials it is made of? what is its origin? where was it  made? who made it?


Celia Llorens Bobadilla

Product Design Director

Paloma de la Puente

Partner CONESE

"We have to start from the fact that the shoe is a waste product. Camper's challenge is to ensure that it is not a waste product from the design point of view".
"That the product lasts over time is the most important thing for it to be sustainable."
"This is a marathon and it requires a commitment from everyone. A little better every day, never perfect."

Meaningful consumption

The main idea of this dialogue is to empower the fashion consumer to make more responsible choices and, in line with the European Green Deal, to lead them towards an ecological and social transition. To achieve this, it is necessary to encourage dialogue between brand and consumer.

Silvia Perez Bou

Professor and Director of The Right Fashion at ISEM

Jose Darriba

El Corte Inglés Sustainability Ambassador

"Communicating sustainability is very complicated. El Corte Inglés believes in salespeople to convey to the customer which products are sustainable, how much water is used in their process, how many chemicals are saved..."
"The first step towards sustainability is durability, and that's why quality is so important. You have to change the question from: what garment do you want? to: How is that garment you bought doing?"

Meaningful alliances

Companies can achieve their goals and fulfill their obligations alone, but through collaboration and learning in collective initiatives we can move from being responsible to transformative companies on such critical issues as the social aspects of the value chain. TENDAM and SERES have jointly established medium-term roadmap from analysis to plans to metrics to achieve this.

Ignacio Sierra

Corporate General Manager of TENDAM

Beatriz Gómez Escalonilla

Director of the SERES business area

Begoña Morales

Founder and CEO CONESE

"You have to be collaborative and establish rules of the playing field for all companies. Once the rules are in place, you can compete."
"At SERES we want to go beyond meeting the standard; we want companies to be leaders and inspire others."

Meaningful weddings

Weddings have become big events that require more and more economic and human resources. They are events attended by hundreds of people and where everything that happens is ephemeral. They last less than twenty-four hours and everything loses value as the day progresses. This leads us to think if there is a new approach to weddings, if it is possible to waste less and take advantage of more, if it is possible to throw away less and recycle more. In short, is it possible to have sustainable weddings?

Gema Siveroni

Gema Siveroni Atalier

Marisa Sarget

Condé Nast College Spain

"Creating a wedding dress is a beautiful and expensive process, and having it sit in a closet forever is unsustainable."
"Sustainability is tied to something uncool, not to fashion. You can make a dress out of recycled material and have it be beautiful. The consumer has to be aware of this."

Meaningful communication

The media play a key role in the evolution of the fashion sector towards the new green and inclusive economy that marks the Spanish, European and global roadmap.

Challenges such as responsible consumption, circular economy, care for natural resources or the reduction of social inequalities, affect the entire value chain of the fashion sector and the media are the link to reach the final consumer.

Mercedes Urrea

Director in Hola.com

Ariadna Vilalta

Driven Associates

Yolanda Aguilar

Driven Associates

Rosanna Rezusta

Director of Specials and New Projects of SEMANA RBA

"We have to work with a recognizable language. With this new fashion of "all sustainable" we have to be alert because not everything is the same. A lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon who are not doing it right."
"In order to communicate better, it is necessary to unify the sector and create a common quality seal that leaves no room for misunderstanding. It is very complicated for consumers to read the list of ingredients on their clothing."

Meaningful influence

The influencer ecosystem is complex. Multiple stakeholders: brands, consumers, influencers, platforms or regulators, interact in social influence processes.

The #InfluenciaConSentido dialogue brings together key players to discuss lines of action for the development of an influencer ecosystem based on responsible, transparent and ethical relationships between players.

Patricia San Miguel

Digital Marketing Lecturer and Researcher ISEM

Lucía Heredero del Pozo

Journalist specialized in wellness and beauty

María de León

Style & Travel Communication Consultant and Coach focused on responsible digital activity.

Isabel Zancajo

Dir. Communication and Social Media YSL Beauty and Biotherm in the Luxury Division of L'Oreal

"Young people in the beauty world are labeled as influencers, but there are many more influencers such as psychologists, doctors, teachers... you look for quantity but you have to focus on quality."
"There are influencers who get their message across well, but there are also people who don't follow the rules. It's the brands' job at this point to know who's doing it right and who's doing it wrong."

Meaningful use of resources

Meaningful consumption

Meaningful alliances

Meaningful weddings

Meaningful communication

Meaningful influence