Our approach is an analysis from the business value chain in order to impact business results.

Sustainability Strategies

  • Our focus 👉 We define “Strategies for integrating sustainability into the business” and identify opportunities to generate innovation, positive impact and shared value.

ESG risks and opportunities map

  • Our focus 👉 We develop a Materiality Analysis from the value chain and in the context of the environment in which the company operates, following an inside-out and outside-in analysis model.

Generation of collaboration and engagement networks

  • Our focus 👉 We develop co-creation and knowledge sharing networks between different agents in the business environment (companies, associations, regulators, academics, civil society) that accelerate the individual and global progress of their stakeholders towards sustainable development.

Due diligence and Human Rights management

  • Methodology of the Human Rights Lab of the SERES Foundation for the application of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
  • Our focus 👉 We start by generating “Awareness and commitment” that materialize in Human Rights policies, and then develop due diligence, management and accountability processes.

ESG Accountability

  • We prepare statements of Non-Financial Information (Organic Law 11/2018 – December 28) with a strategy that drives companies to move towards “Integrated Reporting”.

Business codes of conduct

  • Our focus 👉 We design Ethical Culture Models beyond compliance in collaboration with our partners at Belagua Abogados, experts in regulatory and criminal compliance.

We address projects ranging from ensuring basic compliance (hard law and soft law) on relevant ESG aspects, to “sustainable innovation” strategies aimed at generating engagement and shared value with stakeholders.

Our perspective is always an analysis from the business value chain, in order to have an impact on business results.

Our methodology

Conese, together with the organizations with which it collaborates, has developed working methodologies that have proven to be effective in advancing the integration of sustainability into business strategies.

Our methodologies are always based on international sustainability standards and regulations (OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, SDG Compass, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Green Deal or the Modern Slavery Act), and are also adapted to the geographical, economic, regulatory and socio-cultural reality of the organizations we work with.

The conese identity mark indicates that our work method always tries to promote knowledge management, to take as a base the knowledge that already exists, to collaborate with those who have generated it, to generate new knowledge, and to make it available to others in order to continue advancing.