Sustainability Strategy for the Automotive Components Sector


To promote and make visible the commitment of automotive component manufacturers to sustainability and, in particular, to aspects related to sustainable mobility.


  • Matrix of sectoral relevance of ESG aspects.
  • White Paper on Contribution of the automotive components industry to sustainable development.

Link to Sernauto. White Paper

  • Sustainability Director Plan.
  • Impact and positioning in the media.

For Sernauto it is a luxury to work with conese because of their professionalism and the human values of their team. Since the beginning they understood the project and they learned everything about the industry, adding value and continuous improvement to the project initially proposed. Due to their high involvement, they are part of out team, and the perfect partner to carry out the Sustainability Strategy of the auto components industry in Spain. We hope this collaboration lasts years! Thank you Begoña, Paloma and Pablo.

Cristina San Martín

Director of Coordination, Projects and Services Sernauto