ICEMD (Innovation Institute of ESIC) and Conese bring together leaders from different sectors to discuss business transformation from innovation and sustainability.

A hybrid meeting in which dialogue about this formula (SUSTAINABILITY + INNOVATION = FUTURE) has been encouraged by projecting sustainability as a driver of innovation, beyond traditional approaches.

Companies such as LG, Carrefour, Ecoalf, Too Good To Go, Michelin, BMW Group España, Gestamp, BlackRock, Clarity AI, Aeri, K Fund, Fundación SERES, It Will Be have shared their experiences on how sustainability strategies generate innovation and impact on the business model.

Innovation for a better planet: Towards Sustainability 2.0. / Min. 10:10

Jaime de Jaraíz invites companies to embark on what he calls “Sustainability 2.0”, a concept that reflects the fact that it is necessary for companies not only to be more sustainable and responsible in their field of activity, but also to spearhead CSR activities beyond their business.

Jaime de Jaraíz

President & CEO LG Electronics Iberia

Entrepreneurship & Collaboration to drive Conscious Consumerism.  / Min. 33:36

The Too Good To Go initiative has grown from a startup to nearly three million users, and they have teamed up with Carrefour to generate positive impact. Three topics are discussed in this dialogue: impact entrepreneurship, collaboration with leading companies to accelerate impact, and the concept of the conscious consumer.

Adrián Hernández

Key Accounts Success Lead in Too Good To Go

Francisco Manuel Roldan

Operations Manager Express Stores Madrid-Barcelona South in Carrefour

Circular Economy & Innovation: New business from business collaboration. / Min. 50:50

Ecoalf was born in 2009 with a vision ” To create a truly sustainable fashion brand that stops using the planet’s resources indiscriminately”. Michelin is a well-known tire brand that looks at its business with the “circular economy glasses”.  These two companies are an example of SUSTAINABILITY + INNOVATION = FUTURE.

Carolina Álvarez-Ossorio

Head of Marketing & Communications in ECOALF

Hugo Ureta-Alonso

Institutional Relations at Michelin Spain Portugal

Paloma de la Puente

Partner in CONESE

Industry 4.0s Sustainable Mobility Value Chain / Min. 1:06:00

The automotive industry is one of the most important engines of growth for economic well-being, representing 10% of GDP. Spanish production plants are among the most efficient and automated in Europe. This sector has one of the highest rates of investment in modernization, automation and R&D among industrial sectors.

Pilar García de la Puebla

Director of Communications and PR at BMW Group Spain

Miguel López Quesada

Corporate Director of Communication, Marketing and Institutional Relations at Gestamp, Chairman of the Responsible Business Committee at Sernauto.

Begoña Morales

Founder and CEO CONESE

Attracting capital to Sustainable Innovation / Min. 1:30:00

For investors, the climate transition represents a historic investment opportunity; in order to take advantage of this opportunity and weather the risks, as with any investment opportunity, investors need data and information.

Tomás Conde

Sustainability & ESG Senior Advisor in LLYC and AERI

Isabel Vento

Business Development Manager at Blackrock Iberia

Javier Peñalva

Head of Strategy en Clarity AI

How thinking about diversity generates innovation. Diverse Boards of Directors to address diverse markets. / Min. 2:02:43

Through an interactive dialogue, Lucila García, deputy general director at Fundación SERES, and Carina Szpilka, founding partner of K Fund, showed us the growing importance for companies to have a diverse, inclusive and equitable culture.

Carina Szpilka

Founding Partner at K Fund

Lucila García

Assistant General Director at Fundación SERES

Tech4good. Technological innovation at the service of society.  Min. 2:23:13

Arancha is an example of technological innovation at the service of society. Through ItWillBe, her mission is to end poverty through efficient solidarity.

Arancha Martínez

CEO ComGo Founder of

Innovation Series: The impact of technological innovation on sustainability.  Min. 2:40:29

Enrique Benayas presents the Innovation Series on Sustainability, a study that addresses the main keys to innovation in sustainable growth, defining this concept as growth that is repeatable, ethical and responsible with current and future communities.

Enrique Benayas

General Manager at ICEMD Institute of Innovation of ESIC