The Human Rights LabS of Fundación SERES, coordinated by Conese on October 19th developed around the following agenda:

Taking stock of the tenth anniversary of the Guiding Principles

Dante Pesce

Member of the UN Task Force on Business and Human Rights

The next 10 years are meant to work on these challenges, with a greater leadership from business and governments and with renewed ambition, in order to achieve transformation and turn the axis. The next 20 years to 2050 will be years of persistence that will allow us to reach a different scenario and a better shared future for all people.

The vision of SERES companies. Dialogue with Dante Pesce

Bernardo Cruza

Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

For a retail company like El Corte Inglés, the key is value chain management.

Ana Antequera

Communication and CSR Director

We have learned that we have to put human rights at the center of the strategy.

Isabel Garro

Global Sustainability Leadership Manager

It is necessary to develop a serious and systematic methodology to demonstrate the track record of companies in sustainability.

LabS Derechos Humanos 2022: Toolkit y Roadmap

Begoña Morales

Conese Founder and CEO

The goal of this LabS is to accompany companies on this path of maturity, to move from “do no harm” to “do good”, promoting multi-stakeholder initiatives and seeking opportunities for the future.