Sustainability Ambassadors


The creation of the “Sustainability Ambassadors” model as figures responsible for communicating and amplifying Ecovidrio’s sustainability messages at all levels of dialogue with stakeholders. With the aim of promoting a culture of sustainability throughout the entire recycling value chain, focusing on the transfer of knowledge within the organization and the continuous improvement of Ecovidrio’s projects according to the main trends in sustainability.


  • A team of Sustainability Ambassadors made up of professionals from all areas of Ecovidrio.
  • Training program for the organization.

Our 2025 sustainability strategy aims to achieve our recycling rate targets, generating a positive environmental footprint. To achieve this, it will be necessary to reduce the environmental impact of all our operations, contribute to promoting the circularity of the entire recycling chain and promote transparency with partners, collaborators, citizens, public administrations and to contribute to this we have created the figure of Sustainability Ambassadors, people who will integrate within their functions to ensure that the entire company complies with these objectives.

José Manuel Núñez-Lagos

General Manager of Ecovidrio