IC Media

Development and Promotion of the Trust4media Initiative


To accompany iCmedia in the development of an initiative aimed at promoting the responsibility of the media in building and maintaining healthy democratic societies.


Influencers Trust Initiative (ITI): a pioneering initiative in Europe to recognize and promote responsible communication practices among influencers, a key element in the fight against misinformation and the existence of conscious consumers.

From the beginning there has been a great commitment from conese with iCmedia, guiding the projects framed in the Trust4media initiative. Both for their professional vision, based on their extensive experience in issues of responsibility and sustainability, and for their human qualities, the team has made a place for itself in our organization and we hope to continue collaborating with them for many years to come.  It is a privilege to count on them to conceive and promote our projects.

Marta Pellico del Castillo

Executive Director iCmedia