Human Rights Policy


To raise Indra’s commitment to Human Rights in accordance with the requirements of the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights; as well as to guide the company in the integration of the most relevant aspects in this area into the business.


  • Indra’s Human Rights Policy
  • Recommendations for integrating human rights into the business and for establishing a public political commitment.
  • Proposal for coexistence with other specific policies and adaptation of relevant human rights policies.
  • Indra Policy

“We needed experts to help us elevate our commitment to Human Rights using best practices at the international level, with a global and inclusive vision. The conese team has provided us with that vision, and in collaboration with the Seres Foundation, they have helped us to formulate our commitments reflecting the essence of our business, with rigor and credibility. Their ability to understand the complexity of our business and express it in terms of sustainability has been decisive. With their help we have managed to involve the organization in the project and turn it into a reality. Thank you!”

Alicia Fernandez del Viso

Sustainability Manager Indra